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  • Chocolate Spa: Cleansed by Chocolate
    An attractive young woman strolls into the spa at the five star Dharmawangsa Hotel, in Jakarta. She is a well-to-do lady and has been to spas all over Asia . She is here because there is one treatment she has never had and it can only be found here, at the exclusive club on the other side of the pool.
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  • Chocolate : the Psychoactive Cocktail
    Chocolate clearly delivers far more than a brief sugar high. Yet its cocktail of psychochemical effects in the central nervous system are poorly understood. So how does it work
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  • Chocolate & Cocoa: Health and Nutrition
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Chocolate Answered in Book, Chocolate & Cocoa: Health and Nutrition
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  • Dark chocolate may fight off heart attacks
    There's more evidence that cocoa-rich in cholesterol-battling antioxidants helps ward off some of the factors associated with heart attacks and stroke, scientists lecturing here Friday during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science said.
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  • Felice Chocolate: The Key to Eternal Youth?
    German confectioner claims to have come up with the first anti-ageing chocolates. Adolf Andersen from Hamburg developed the chocolates with Dr Michael Kentze, from the Munich-based Kentze Institute for Age-Prevention Medicine. Made with dark chocolate , mango and soya milk, the creators believe the Felice chocolates not only make you happy, but keep you young.
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  • Dark Chocolate Might Reduce Blood Pressure, Study Suggests
    A small study suggests that eating dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure - a delicious instance in which something that tastes good might, for a change, be good for you, too. The short study would need to be confirmed in larger, longer-term ones before doctors could recommend treatment with chocolate, researchers say.
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