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The Fabric that is Los Angeles

The City of Angels, as big as it is diverse. Being a part of Los Angeles is being a part of many industries and many cultures. Chocolate Fountain Pros embraces everything Los Angeles and is committed to being a contributing company in this great city.

From the entertainment world, to the sports world, to the arts and museums, and to charitable events, Chocolate Fountain Pros’ fountains are on the scene. Chocolate Fountain Pros Around Los Angeles chronicles our company’s involvement in the pulse of the city. Chocolate Fountain Pros has:

  • Provided a fountain for an Academy Awards after party in a Beverly Hills mansion
  • Had our logo displayed on the “big screen” at Dodger Stadium
  • Provided fountains to the House of Blues on the famous Sunset Blvd. for the Unity of Peace All-Star Jam
  • Showcased at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and the Biltmore in Downtown
  • Worked with some of the great chefs of the South Bay as they raised funds for charity

”Los Angeles, We Love It”


Nothing says Los Angeles like Dodger Stadium and the Academy Awards



Chocolate Fountain Pros
Partnering with Great Chefs to Support Art in Los Angeles



Our Fountains are as Diverse as the City of Los Angeles

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